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MiniState simplifies managing cookie information or other string based property stores. MiniState attempts to minimise the amount of data required to store values, protect values from tampering using HMAC validation, reduce the risk of replay attacks by specifying a valid lifetime of the values and mitigate the difficulties of handling cookies set by previous revisions by using version numbers.

Download MiniState from CodePlex or install using NuGet

PM> Install-Package ministate



MiniState is a free and open source project that I've developed in my own time. If you use MiniState or any of it's concepts commercially I'd really appreciate donations to support it's development.

Sam Greenhalgh
RadicalResearch Ltd


If you're interested in helping out or just want to get in contact I'd love to hear from you.


The MiniState project uses Mercurial for version control. If you are new to Mercurial you can learn about using it with codeplex here.

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